Saturday, October 31, 2020

ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- CoolAnimeHustler's Mugen Works Of Awesome!

ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Hey, How's It Goin! Welcome to the CoolAnimeHustler Blogspot! I'm the CoolAnimeHustler and Today I Provide You With One Of My Cool Stages That I Created For The Mugen Engine! Hello Everyone! I Hope All Of You Are Doing Well Today! I Finally Finished My 226th MUGEN Stage For The MUGEN Engine! Today I Wanted To Give All Of You Awesome MUGEN Fans A Treat! The Treat Being Another Military Themed Stage For Your MUGEN Game, Yo! I Was Inspired To Create This Battleground After Looking At My 199th MUGEN Stage Called "Military Industry II". I Thought About Creating An  Underground Secret Jet Hanger Scenario In Which Your Two Fighters Can Duke It Out To Escape The Base Or To Start Infiltrating The Base! It Can Also Be A Great Hangout Spot For Your Fighters To Discuss Their Missions Or Adventure! Let The Mind Flow, Yo! Let The Mind Flow! (o^.^)-b I Added A Super Jump To This Stage And I Also Made This Stage Little Shorter In Which Your Fighters Have To Be Quick And Fast If They Want To Escape! I Also Messed With The Bounds And Tensions To Make Sure Your Fighters Are Adjusting Properly On The Stage! I Really Love How This Stage Turned Out! I'm Going To Call This Stage "Military Industry IV". I Hope You All Enjoy This MUGEN Stage And Keep Being Safe Out There! Stay Positive And Keep Your Head Up, Yo!(¯) Enjoy Another Military Themed Stage For Your Fighters! If You Want To Tryout This Stage In Your Mugen, Click The Picture For Madd Awesome Environments, Yo! *Peace* ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”


ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- STAGE: Military Industry IV By CoolAnimeHustler

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Friday, October 9, 2020

ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- The CoolAnimeHustler's 5 Year Anniversary Celebration Of Awesomeness!

 ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Hey, How's It Goin! Welcome to the CoolAnimeHustler Blogspot! I'm the CoolAnimeHustler And Today I'm Excited To Announce The "5th Year" Celebration Of My Blog!

Yep! Although I'm One Day Late (LOL), It Has Officially Been Five Years Since I Started My Very Own Blog on October 8th, 2015. The Year 2020 Has Really Been Hard On Everyone All Over The World! Despite All Of This Chaos Happening To Us And Around Us, Keep Your Head Up And Don't Give Up! I Want To Thank And Pray For Everyone Out There During These Times We Are Living In! Since We're Now In A New Era, I Believe We Can Make Some Breakthroughs Within Ourselves Since The Internet Is Now Going To Become A Necessity That We Just Can't Live Without! So During These Times, I Highly Recommend Learning As Much As You Possibly Can On The Internet Whether It Be Skills, Knowledge, Or Creative Endeavors! There's No Time For Hate, Jealously, Envy, Or Fighting! The Only Thing That Matters Is To Focus On A Healthy Mindset And Uplift One Another! We All Have The Power To Make The Future A Little Brighter, Youknowwhatimsayin!  Whether You're An Expert Or Just Beginning, It's Your Time To Shine Starting Today! We Can Do It!

I'm Still Learning More And More About Video Games And I'm Still Practicing Character Creation Behind The Scenes For MUGEN! I'm Still An Amateur In Character Creation But It's Getting A Little Bit Better! I Still Got To Keep Practicing And Failing In Order For My Character Creation Project To Be A Success! The More I Fail, The More I Get Better To Correct My Mistakes! Although I Have Not Been Posting As Much Stages Lately I'm Still Experimenting With Stage Concepts And I'm Also Learning More About Imaging Programs! Maybe My Stages Can Create Great Scenarios In Your MUGEN Project! Although I'm Not Going To Reach Another 100 Stages By Years End, I'm Happy That I Can Release A Quarter Of MUGEN Stages To All You Awesome MUGEN Fans!

Welp... Since Its Been 5 Years And All That Jazz...I Will Keep On Posting and Contribute To Society In Which People Can Have Fun and Maybe Help Others! If You Want To Learn and Find Cool Stuff From The Internet That May Help You Out, Click On My "Helpful Stuff" Link Under "Categories" On The Right Side Of My Blog! I Thank Each and Every Single One Of You From The Bottom Of My Heart That Has Viewed My Blog, Subscribed To Me On Youtube, Followed Me On MFFA (Mugen Free For All), MA (Mugen Archive) And In Life! I Want To Thank My Family And Friends For Their Love And Support, Youwhatimsayin! I Also Want To Thank Everyone That's Helping People During These Times! You're Are Everyday Heroes And We Appreciate All That You Do!

Keep Following Your Dreams No Matter How Big Or Small They May Be! Times May Be Rough For Many Of Us In Life But You Can Do It, Yo! Stay Safe Out There And Love One Another! Stay Cool, Stay Animated, And Stay On Your Hustle, Yo! *PEACE* ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”
Well, its nice talking to yall. If you want to leave a post, feel free to do so. Until we meet again...It's All Cool! You Knowwhatimsayin!
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